Volunteer Opportunities

There are many opportunities to participate in the vibrant Ohlone community.

  1. Site Council
    Every school that receives money from the State of California School-Based Coordinated Program is required to have an active Site Council. Our Ohlone Site Council includes faculty, staff, and parents. The parent members are elected from the school community, and the staff members represent and report back to their staff counterparts in each cluster (combined-grade group: K/1, 2/3, and 4/5).
    The Site Council is responsible for overseeing implementation of the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA), for reviewing and approving the school Safety Plan, and for making sure that the state funds are allocated appropriately and directly used in service of the children. After the presentation of the SPSA to the Board of Education, the Site Council works to monitor the school’s measurable progress towards those goals. 
  2. Core Values Committee
    The Core Values Committee (CVC) is not really a committee at all, but a loose gathering of parents and staff who meet monthly to educate ourselves about Ohlone's values and how we can build an inclusive community around these values. We aim to deepen our understanding of the "Ohlone way" and how we can support the goals of an Ohlone education at home and at school. The CVC includes parents, teachers, the principal, and counseling staff. Everyone is welcome at all CVC meetings. Check the Ohlone calendar online for up-to-date meeting details.
  3. Farm Council
    The Farm Council is a group of parent volunteers that raises funds, recruits volunteers for animal care, maintains the infrastructure of the farm and supports its teaching curriculum. The Farm is solely funded by parent donations and other fundraisers. Meetings are generally held on the fourth Tuesday of the month from 7:30-9:00pm and are open to any interested member of the Ohlone community.
  4. Ohlone World Languages
    The Ohlone World Language (OWL) Program is an afterschool language program offering classes in seven (7) world languages including: Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Tamil, Hindi and American Sign Language (ASL), and a new class this year, European Travel and Conversation Class. Afterschool language classes have been a part of the Ohlone Elementary School for over twenty-one (21) years. This was a labor of love started by Ohlone parent volunteers at its inception.
  5. Traffic Safety Committee
    The Ohlone Traffic Safety Committee: 
    1. collects and disseminates information about traffic issues on and near the school,
    2. supports alternative transportation modes like carpooling and bicycling,
    3. and advocates for safety improvements.
    The committee, which is part of the PTA, works with the principal and the Site Council on student arrival and departure guidelines. It hosts two annual events promoting alternative commute modes to and from school, and occasional parent education events such as bicycle safety classes. It runs a carpool matching program and generally seeks opportunities to support the community in working together to reduce automobile traffic to school. It also represents the school on the PTA Council Traffic Safety Committee, a district-wide committee, which maintains a helpful Safe Routes to School website.
  6. Green Team
    Ohlone Green Team is a group of parents, teachers, staff, and students who work toward helping our community minimize waste and conserve energy and resources. Volunteer for one of our many jobs in order to help build a strong team that will be sustainable year after year. Let’s pass a good message on to our children and let us each of us do our part to keep Ohlone green.
  7. Room Parents
    Room parents are an important and appreciated part of each classroom. You are the critical communication liaisons, linking parents in your classroom to teachers and other school-wide information. Being a room parent is a great way to get to know the families in your classroom(s). Consider it a partnership with your child’s teacher, a team effort to provide the best experiences for the class.
    The room parent job varies from room to room, but every room has at least one room parent (and often several).  Working closely with the teacher, room parents coordinate fellow classroom parents to accomplish class activities.  It generally works best to identify specific parents to be responsible for individual tasks, rather than have 1 or 2 parents be responsible for everything.
  8. Auction
    Every two years, we have an Ohlone auction to raise money for our school’s PTA. The auction is the PTA’s main fundraiser, and supports our classroom programs, community building events, parent education nights, science and math nights, book fairs and author visits, grants to teachers for supplies, copying and printing costs for the school, teacher project grants, school plays, and numerous other items which supplement our school programs. It is also a chance for our community to join together and celebrate the wonderful people and opportunities Ohlone has to offer.