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Aug 29, 2017

Welcome to our 2019-20 school year!  Are you feeling as excited and energized as I am?  

Summer days are coming to close, and the first day of school is just around the bend.  I hope this extended time has given you time to connect, renew, and recharge for the coming school year.  Did you say, “yes” to play?  Did you try something new with your child, something outside of your comfort level?  

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Jun 2, 2017

Ohlone was founded 43 years ago, educating the whole child the goal
SEL, community, and project-based learning, became the school's heart and soul
With multi-age classrooms building friendships’ life long
Parents, teachers and children together, we can't go wrong
An office staff that's terrific, supporting us all
For whatever we need, we just have to call
PTA, CVC, SITE and FARM Council, and so much more that parents contribute
All of you are included and thanked in this tribute

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May 7, 2017

Book of the month

This month’s book is “The Gift of Nothing” by Patrick McDonnell. “Mooch wants to give his best friend a gift. But what do you get someone who has everything?” This is a sweet story with simple illustrations and a lovely message in our time when consumerism sometimes runs awry. It is about friendship and the giving of ourselves instead of things. It reminds me of Ohlone.


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Apr 10, 2017

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Creating Classrooms That Work Well

(This part is a slightly edited version of last year’s April blog.) As the end of this school year approaches, parents of first and third graders begin to think about their children and the classrooms their child(ren) might join in the fall. Below is some information about our placement process for 2017-18.

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Mar 20, 2017

Congratulations to Kathleen Flynn (Ed. Specialist), Janice Choi (psychologist), Alex While (2/3 teacher) and Vanessa Clark (K/1 teacher) for receiving tenure.  We are very happy to have them at Ohlone and glad they can now stay forever :)

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