Host a Party for Ohlone

Each year, parents volunteer to host parties, classes, and events for adults and/or children in the Ohlone community. Not only is this a great way to raise important funds for our school and farm, the parties and events provide a great way to make new Ohlone friends!

This year, we have two opportunities to offer parties: Harvest Festival on Saturday, October 15th and the Ohlone Auction on Saturday, February 25th. Harvest Festival offerings are due October 3. Please include:
Party Title:
Party type(grown ups, kids or families):
# of attendees;
Date and time:  

Email your party donation details to to Stephanie Compton.

For anyone who needs some creative ideas, here are a few:

  1. Pinochle Party! - No prior experience needed; players of all skill levels welcome. Snacks and drinks provided.
  2. Murder Mystery Party -Dinner and beverages will be served for 10 adults along with a murderous plot. Find out who killed who where. Maybe it is you!
  3. Cocktail Mixer - Learn how to make five different cocktails from a former professional bartender and have a kid-free night out (I'll provide printed drink recipes to take home). Each person brings a bottle of liquor. Snacks provided.
  4. The Secret Wine Gems of Trader Joe's - Join your Trader Joe's wine guy in sampling the latest gems of the Trader Joe's fine wine collection.
  5. Kid Fun and Parent's Night Out - Bring your kids for an evening of pizza, games, a movie and kid fun. The host family live 2 blocks from the local playground. Drop the kids! PARENTS NIGHT OUT!!
  6. "C" is for Cranium and Cocktails! - Chocolate martinis, cosmos and Cranium will be featured. You bring a potluck item for dinner that begins with 'C'.
  7. "Know Thy Ballot" Brunch (for election years) - Get ready to vote! Learn about the issues; debate the candidates. And enjoy a wonderful brunch and stimulating company.
  8. Pokemon Party - Your child will enjoy a Pokemon party hosted by [a kid in your school]. Kids can go home with the host on the bus or arrive after school. The party will involve Pokemon games, trading as well as cupcakes decorated in Pokemon fashion. Lots of sprinkles!
  9. Scrapbooking Afternoon - Want to scrapbook and just need to get started?
  10. Love to scrapbook and want to hang with people that appreciate the art? This creative afternoon comes complete with your own album including a mailing envelope, tape and special pen: supplies are donated by your host. Just in time for Mother's Day! Wine, beverages and hor d'oevres will be served. Tools will be available to work on your project as will free flowing scrapbooking design ideas.
  11. Jewelry Making Party - Make a bracelet or earring set of your choice. The tools and instruction will be provided as well as tasty snacks, wine and other beverages.
  12. Knitting Party - Join us for an afternoon of knitting, tea and fun. All materials that you need to knit a scarf will be provided. Additional instruction, help and encouragement will also be provided to enable you to complete your beautiful project.
  13. The Amazing Race - 6 teams of two zoom around the city, completing tasks and navigating their way to the celebratory party which includes adult beverages.
  14. Catered Luncheon with the Teachers - 24 children will have a chance to attend a catered lunch with their favorite teacher(s)!! 2 lunch dates/times will be available (12 children per lunch). Lunch will happen at school during lunchtime in a special space.
  15. Lego Camp - 6 children will get this opportunity will learn about using motors, gears and wheels to make their lego creations MOVE. Snacks will be provided. Parents are welcome to stay and play as well!
  16. Pirate Party - Schedule it for International Talk Like A Pirate Day
  17. Kentucky Derby Party - Break out the mint juleps!
  18. Flipflops and Lemon Drops - Moms only! Appetizers and drinks served poolside.
  19. Sleepover at the School - Sign up the kids for a movie and games in the cafeteria or gymnasium. Send a sleeping bag - maybe they'll sleep a few hours!
  20. Brunch and Run - Take a three-mile run (or walk!) on a lovely spring morning, and follow it up with brunch at the host's house.
  21. Caroling with the Teachers - Join 2-6 of your school's teachers (or your nonprofit's board members, or local celebs who support your organization) on a mid-December stroll through one of your city's historic neighborhoods singing Christmas carols.
  22. "Wii"-mbeldon Tennis Tournament - signup a bracket's worth of guests to play a tennis tournament, Wii-style! Don't forget to serve Pimm's Cups, and strawberries & cream.
  23. Wig Party -Girls, remember how you toiled over your hair for hours before the prom, teasing and pulling until you were Farrah Fawcett's twin sister? Your boyfriend had no idea how lucky he was. Guys, remember when you had hair? Relive those glory days at the Wig and Martini Party! Don your beehive, bouffant or Afro and pair it up with martinis, delicious appetizers, and better music than you had at your prom.
  24. Bar Olympics -The Olympics are coming! Forget the cold weather, poor exchange rate and long lines. These games are happening in your own neighborhood, and you’ll be one of the athletes. Bar Olympics is a pentathlon comprised of events for the well rounded bar Olympian: pool, darts,
  25. shuffleboard, foosball, and ping-pong.
  26. Girlfriend's Closet Exchange Party - bring that cute purse that goes with nothing you currently wear; or that hat that was so great when you had short hair, but doesn't fit now that you've grown it out.
  27. Berry Jam Session -Come to the home of your organization's finest home canner this summer and learn to make a seasonal berry jam. Everybodyleaves with 6 jars of jam and the info to make more on your own.