Farmers' Market

Each Thursday after school the Farmers’ Market sells baked goods, farm produce, fresh eggs and other farm products. This completes the farm-to-market cycle, and raises money for animal feed and other Farm expenses. There are many fun volunteer jobs needed for the Farmer’s Market such as Bakers, Chefs, Set Up staff, Sales staff, Harvesters, and more. Just sign up on the Ohlone Farmers’ Market volunteer schedule to volunteer.

Farmer’s Market Team Leads:

  • Kathy Howe - Coordinator
  • Aude Ismael - Weekly Market Lead
  • Merav Arditi - Weekly Market Lead
  • Erika Conley – Weekly Market Lead
  • Brandy Olsen – Sales/Cleanup
  • Jane Hayes – Sales/Clenup
  • Jen Chu – email coordinator/Setup

Farmers' Market Recipes

Enjoy these wonderful items often prepared for you by Katie, Kathy and other Farmers Market Chefs!


Archived Farmer's Market Recipes