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Site Council

Every school that receives money from the State of California School-Based Coordinated Program is required to have an active Site Council. Our Ohlone Site Council includes faculty, staff, and parents. The parent members are selected from the school community, and the staff members represent and report back to their staff counterparts in each cluster (combined-grade group: K/1, 2/3, and 4/5).

The Site Council is responsible for overseeing implementation of the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA), for reviewing and approving the school Safety Plan, and for making sure that the state funds are allocated appropriately and directly used in service of the children. After the presentation of the SPSA to the Board of Education, the Site Council works to monitor the school’s measurable progress towards those goals.

In addition, the Site Council administers community surveys to Ohlone parents, staff members, and students.  The results of these surveys are shared with the community and will help form the focus of Site Council and school efforts.

Joining Site Council

Site Council terms are two years long. Site Council members are selected in April or May of each school year. Terms are staggered, and each year we have between 3 and 4 openings. If you are interested in joining the Site Council, please email Elsa Chen. You are welcome to come to any meeting to find out what it is all about.