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Farm Council

Dear Dawn, may we please go to the farm?

The Farm Council is a group of parent volunteers that raises funds, recruits volunteers for animal care, maintains the infrastructure of the farm and supports its teaching curriculum. Meetings are generally held on the third Tuesday of the month from 7:30-9:00pm and are open to all interested members of the Ohlone community.
Contact: Kathy Howe or Jennifer DiBrienza, Farm Council Co-Chairs

Animal Care
Families can volunteer for animal care on evenings, weekends and holidays.
Contact: Christina Baker, Animal Care Volunteer Coordinator

Noon Farm Coordinator and Volunteers
Help supervise students during lunch visits to the Farm on Tuesdays to work on projects and connect with nature. We need weekly volunteers as well as someone to coordinate the program.
Contact: Kathy Howe or Jennifer DiBrienza, Farm Council Co-Chairs

Farm Workdays
An opportunity to help in the maintenance and improvement of the Farm. Every Ohlone family is asked to participate at least once per year. Your class will be assigned to one Farm Workday during the school year, but everyone is welcome at any time.

2019/20 Workdays: 9:00am - 1:00pm

  • Sat, September 14
  • Sun, October 20
  • Sat, November 16
  • Sun, March 22
  • Sun, April 19
  • Sat, May 16

Farm Workday Coordinators
help set up, oversee and manage Farm Workdays. Each member of the team helps lead 2 or 3 workdays per year.
Contact: Kathy Howe

Farm Classroom Volunteers
Work directly with students and teachers on the farm during their child's classroom's set weekly time slot. help set up, clean up and manage activity stations during a science or garden lesson. Having small groups and multiple activities is possible through these parent volunteers.
Contact: Room Parent or Classroom Teacher

Harvest Festival: September 28, 2019
The major fundraiser for the Farm. ALL families encouraged to participate. Each classroom is responsible for staffing a booth or activity at the event. Share homemade baked goods for the Bake Sale or homemade crafts to sell at the Craft Table.
Contact: Kathy Chen, Dorcia Ko, or Shirley Chen, Harvest Festival Co-Chairs

Handy Help/Tech Help/General Help Volunteers The Farm is always looking for volunteers with any and all "handyman" or technical skills that help with one-off jobs (big and small) that occur throughout the year.

Farm-Classroom Liaison

Facilitate communications between the Farm and your child's classroom. General Questions about the Farm? Email

Farm Staff: