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Core Values Committee

Ohlone's core values distinguish it from neighborhood schools and form the basis of its educational and community structure. The Core Values Committee provides Ohlone families and the larger community with a deeper understanding of and commitment to the Ohlone approach to education and how it is practiced. Our goal is to educate the community so that the unique nature of our school is understood, embraced, and sustained through a home-school partnership.

The Core Values Committee (CVC) is a gathering of parents and staff who meet monthly to educate ourselves about Ohlone's values and how we can build an inclusive community around these values. We aim to deepen our understanding of the "Ohlone way" and how we can support the goals of an Ohlone education at home and at school. The CVC includes parents, teachers, the principal, and counseling staff. Everyone is welcome at all CVC meetings. Check the Ohlone calendar online for up-to-date meeting details.

In addition to monthly meetings, the CVC sponsors events aimed at building community and nurturing the unique nature of our school, such as Prospective Parent Information Nights and Tours, Buddy Night for new incoming families, and Parent's Night Out.

For more information about the Core Values Committee, please contact: