School Lunch

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The Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) provides meal services for our students. Lunch is offered at all elementary schools. For questions about meal plans, contact Food Services at or (650) 329-3806.

School lunches must be pre-ordered each day when the roll is taken in the classroom; then the office places the whole-school order by 9:00am.  (Late students arriving by 9:00 a.m. can order in the office when they check in before going to their classrooms.)  **Fridays are pizza days, and pizza orders are taken on Thursday mornings, along with Thursday's order.**

Families may be eligible for free or reduced-price meals. To apply, review the eligibility guidelines (scroll down towards bottom of page) and download the application in English or in Spanish, or you can pick up an application at PAUSD Food Services, 25 Churchill Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94306.

Meal Prices

Elementary School Lunch $4.75
Reduced Price Lunch $.40

What's for Lunch?

See the menu on the District Meal Plans page.

How do we pay for school lunches?

There are 3 ways to pay for school lunch:
: send exact change with your child on the day(s) s/he wants to buy lunch ($4.75)
: write a check for any amount to "PAUSD" for your child's lunch account.  Include your student's name and room number on the memo line, and put the check in the lunch folder in the front office.  If you leave it in the morning, your child's account will be credited the same day.  Each time your child buys lunch, $4.75 will be deducted from the account.  (There is no service fee for check deposits at school.)
•online deposit
: go to (formerly "") and use your credit card to deposit an amount into your child's lunch account.  You will need your child's PAUSD ID number, available from the office.  There is a $3 transaction fee when doing an online deposit.   Each time your child buys lunch, $4.75 will be deducted from the account.

How do we check the balance in our account(s)?

Regardless of which way you deposit money into your child's account (check in the office or credit card online), you can always check the balance at (you will need your child's PAUSD ID number, available in the office).  Any remaining balance at the end of the school year will carry forward to the next school year.  You can also view which days your child bought lunch.

What if my student orders double lunch?

Some students, especially in the older grades, order "times 2" or double lunch (e.g., 2 slices of pizza).  This will be charged as 2 lunches (so $9.50).  Please be sure to set clear expectations and guidelines with your student whether this is ok with you or not.

For more information, see the Meals Plan page on the PAUSD website.