The Ohlone Way

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As a Choice School in the Palo Alto Unified School District, Ohlone is committed to a set of philosophies and values in our approach to education, community, and personal responsibility.  Collectively, these philosophies and values are often referred to as "The Ohlone Way".

Ohlone's Core Values

  • Trusting and Respecting Each Individual: Mutual respect, honesty, and personal responsibility are key elements
  • Developmental Approach: Each student's curriculumn acknowledges the uniqueness and developmental level of that individual.
  • Growth and Assessment: An ongoing process of observation and feedback is utilized, designed to recognize individual growth and change.
  • Meaningful, Relevant Curriculum: Ohlone provides a "training ground for real life" so that each student becomes a self-directed, thinking, lifetime learner.
  • Multi-dimensional Learning: Optimal learning focuses on the whole child: Social, emotional and academic development are of equal importance.
  • Cooperation and Collaboration: Students of multiple ages work together on projects designed to help them share strengths, accept support & communicate ideas.
  • Student-Teacher-Parent Partnership: Students, teachers, and parents are partners who work together to support the students and school programs.

Goals of an Ohlone Education

  • Self-Awareness—Our children will have positive self-images and know their strengths and challenges.
  • Independent Thinking—Our children will have a growth mindset, think for themselves, act responsibly and be resilient.
  • Time Management—Our students will manage their time wisely, focus on quality work and take responsibility for their own learning.

  • Democratic Values—Our children will realize the meaning of democratic values and give voice to their principles through their words and actions.

  • Tolerance and Compassion—Our children will show compassion for others and value different perspectives.

  • Citizenship and Community—Our children will understand their places in the global community and care about the environment.

  • Lifelong Learning—Our children will view learning as a lifelong process that will enrich their lives.

  • Physical Awareness—Our children will be aware of, and comfortable with, their own bodies.
  • Risk Taking/Creativity—Our children will be comfortable taking risks to express their creative selves.