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2018-19 Info

All after-school programs are run by separate businesses or non-profits which contract with the school to rent space on campus.  The forms & links for these programs are provided here as a convenience only.    Each program sets its own dates and times, so please note all the pertinent information when signing up.  Any questions should be directed to the contacts listed for each program, not to the school.

All Days

Ohlone Kid's Club (PACCC) provides after-school child care on campus, including some spots for Kinder short-days and for K/1  Friday 1:30 dismissal.  Submit a waitlist form through the OKC website for information on availability.


Euro School of Tennis  2:50-3:40, Grades K-5 Location: Blacktop Fall Session: August 27-December 17; Winter Session: January 14-March 25; Spring Session: April 8-May 20. Focusing on pride, confidence, respect, and responsibility, this class offers beginning tennis skills to younger grades. [Register]

Art & Soul 2:40-4:00, Grades K-5 Location: Flex Room Fall Session: August 27-December 10 Spring Session: January 7-May 20 Students will develop their drawing, sculpture and painting techniques in both contemporary & classical styles. Projects will examine human and animal anatomy, still life, landscape, fantasy & monsters, art history and graphic design, all from culturally diverse perspectives.

Yoga & Mindfulness (ASMA) 2:45-3:45, Grades K-3 Location: Room 24.  Winter Session: CANCELLED  Spring Session: CANCELLED This exciting and fun-loving yoga class for children offers an introduction to basic breathing, yoga postures, mindfulness techniques and relaxation to support the development of strength and flexibility in their mind and body.  THERE IS NO FOOD ALLOWED IN THIS CLASSROOM.



One-on-One Hoops 2:45-3:45, Grades K-5 Location: Blacktop Fall Session: September 4-December 18  Winter Session: January 15-May 21. Experienced basketball instructors conduct a one-hour clinic each week for boys and girls. 

Ukulele (ASMA) 2:45-3:45, Grades K-3 Location: Room 2. Winter Session: CANCELLED; Spring Session: CANCELLED In this ensemble, we will jump right into the fun stuff and learn how to play music on the ukulele. By the end of the course, students will know a few chord positions, will be able to play a couple of songs on the ukulele, and be able to sing along.

Hands On Science 2:45-3:45, Grades K-3 Location: Flex Room Fall Session: September 4-December 18; Winter Session: January 22-March 26.  Spring Session: April 9-May 21. Each session, students exercise scientific process skills such as observing, investigating, questioning, explaining and problem solving.  Join us and explore: Edison's Workshop, Power of Light, Sounds Fun, and more  [2019 Science Spring_Ohlone.pdf]

Math Club 2:50-3:40, Grades 4-5 Location: Rooms 27 & 28.  Dates: November 13, December 11, January 15,  February 12, March 12 ONLY.  Ohlone 4th and 5th graders are invited to participate in a Math Olympiad team.  This is a self-study program with proctored tests on the dates listed. 


Palo Alto Soccer Club  1:45-2:45 Grades K-5 Location: Field Fall Session: September 5-November 28; Winter Session: January 16-March 13.  Spring Session: March 20-May 22. After School soccer with Coach Ken for better footwork, fitness and friends! All sessions end with a soccer match.

Wizbots  1:40-3:10 Grades 3-5 Location: Flex Room Fall Session: August 29-December 12.  Winter Session: January 16-March 27.  Spring Session: April 10-May 22.  Using our unique project-based, gamified curriculum students journey along our Path to Mastery in a vast array of projects that combine LEGO® robotics and Java programming to engage students in design, tech challenges, team games, and open-ended creativity.

Accelerate Hoops 1:35-2:35 Grades K-3 Location: Blacktop Fall Session: August 22-October 17.  Spring Session: March 27-May 29.  We train students of all skill levels in the fundamentals of basketball in a friendly group setting.  We bring confidence to each player, challenging them to become leaders, working on respect as well as self discipline, in every practice.

Hip Hop Dance (ASMA) 1:35-2:35, Grades K-3 Location: Room 17 Fall Session: September 5-December 19. Spring Session: January 9-May 29. Musicality, rhythm, and creative movement are key components of this fun, urban/street-style dance class that teaches boys and girls alike to step, stomp, and shake it out.  

Way to Go Language Program: French with Claire (in Room 3), K-2 Spanish with Claudia (in Room 16), 3-5 Spanish with Wendy and Luckie (in Room 1).  1:40-2:40, Grades K-5 Locations: Rooms 1, 3, & 16  Fall Session: September 12-November 14. Spring Session: March 6-May 15.  Through songs, skits, crafts, and foods, students will explore the culture and language of their choice in a fun, engaging environment with experienced language instuctors.



Starfire Math  2:45-4:00, Grades 1-5 Location: Room 28 Fall Session: September 6-December 20; Winter Session: January 10-May 23.  Students in Starfire Math explore a world of fun, creative mathematics. They solve interesting and challenging, real life, mathematical problems collaboratively in small groups of students (six or fewer) facilitated by passionate highly skilled professionals.

Run for Fun - 2:50-3:50, K-5 Location: Blacktop Fall Session: August 23-December 6.  Spring Session: January 10-May 23. Run for Fun is an outdoor after school program that focuses on play through field games. Kids work on speed, agility and fitness while enjoying games such as capture the flag, chaos tag, and dodgeball.

Mandarin (MandarinTree) 2:55-4:25, Grades K-5 Location: Room 22 Fall Session: TUESDAYS September 11-December 11. Winter/Spring Session: THURSDAYS January 31-May 16.  Have fun speaking Mandarin from day 1. No prior Mandarin experience is required.  Class emphasizes conversational skill and introduces reading and writing simplified Chinese characters; curriculum integrates themes, stories, songs and Chinese culture; instruction is student-centered, engaging and hands-on.



Chess King   2 classes:  1:30-2:30, K-1  Location: outside Room 17 AND 2:45-3:45, K-5  Location: Library Fall Session: September 7-December 14  Winter Session: January 11-May 17. Chess instruction covers basic chess rules, tactics, and is age, grade, and skill-level appropriate. [flyer]

Creative Sculpture (Bisheh Art) 2:45-3:45, K-5. Location: Flex Room. Winter Session: January 11-May 24.  


Chinese Pathway 4:00-6:00, K-7 Location: Rooms 7, 8, 13 Fall Session: August 24-December 14; Winter-Spring Session: January 11-May 17  Mandarin Language program for K-7th grade students



Chinese Pathway 2:00-4:00, K-7 Location: Rooms 7, 8, 13, & 14  Fall Session: August 25-December 15; Winter-Spring Session: January 12-May 18 Mandarin Language program for K-7th grade students


Read more about Ohlone after-school programs policy in the Parent Handbook.