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Core Values

The Foundation of the Ohlone Alternative

  • Trusting and Respecting Each Individual: Mutual respect, honesty, and personal responsibility are key elements
  • Developmental Approach: Each student's curriculum acknowledges the uniqueness and developmental level of that individual
  • Growth and Assessment: An ongoing process of observation and feedback is utilized, designed to recognize individual growth and change
  • Meaningful, Relevant Curriculum: Ohlone provides a "training ground for real life" so that each student becomes a self-directed, thinking, lifetime learner
  • Multi-dimensional Learning: Optimal learning focuses on the whole child: Social, emotional and academic development are of equal importance
  • Cooperation and Collaboration: Students of multiple ages work together on projects designed to help them share strengths, accept support & communicate ideas
  • Student-Teacher-Parent Partnership: Students, teachers, and parents are partners who work together to support the students and school programs

Ohlone's core values distinguish it from other neighborhood schools and form the basis of its educational and community structure The Core Values Committee (CVC) provides Ohlone families and the larger community with a deeper understanding of and commitment to the Ohlone approach to education