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Ohlone's Nuts and Bolts of School

Ohlone Family Connection

August 8, 2021

Hello, Ohlone!

I hope you are enjoying this last summer weekend. The weather is gorgeous!

Typically, we send the Ohlone Nuts and Bolts of School with the placement letter. Since placement will be emailed by 4:00pm on Wednesday, August 11, we are sending this important information now so you can begin to prepare your little cherubs for school. If your child has not been to Ohlone, I would encourage you to visit after school hours. Ohlone is open to the public after 4:00pm, Mon-Fri.

This is a long OFC so I'll keep my message short! We look forward to welcoming your children to school on Thursday, August 12!

Ohlone Principal

Important Upcoming Dates

This year, we will not hold an in-person Opening Ceremony on our Farm due to COVID restrictions. I will plan something virtual for students to kick off our school year. We will hold a Virtual Ohlone 101 via Zoom for new parents the week after school starts. Back to School Night in on August 23 and will also hosted on Zoom. The PAUSD 2021-22 school calendar can be accessed on the PAUSD website.

Class Placement Emailed Wednesday, Aug 11 By 4:00pm
First Day of School Thursday, August 12 Kinders: 8:15-12:00;
Grades 1-5: 8:15-2:30
Second Day of School Friday, August 13 Kinders: 8:15-12:00;
Grades 1-3: 8:15-1:30
Grades 4-5: 8:15-2:30
Virtual Opening Farm Ceremony Friday, August 13 Streamed in classrooms for students
Virtual Ohlone 101 Info Session Tuesday, August 17 9:00-9:45am (Zoom)
CASSY & PiE - School Adjustment Webinar Wednesday, August 18 7:00-8:00pm (Zoom)
Virtual Back to School Night Monday, August 23 5:30-8:15pm (Zoom); K-5


Parent Education Webinar

August 18 - Navigating the Return to School

This presentation will be geared towards helping parents and students navigate the return to campus. Many of our students have spent very little or no time on campus this past year. It will take some adjustment to being back. Even those who were back on campus may need some assistance after being away for the summer. CASSY's licensed professional therapists will explain what to expect in the first weeks of school and provide tips on how best to support your children. At the end of the session there will be a Q&A for parents who have additional questions. Wednesday, August 18, 7:00-8:00pm.


Back to School Packet

Welcome to Ohlone!

A warm welcome to new and returning families to Ohlone Elementary School! We are so excited to start the new year together on campus and we are looking forward to a wonderful year ahead; full of enrichment, curriculum enhancing activities, parent support and community building opportunities!

We are upgrading our online Back To School portal for you to find everything you need to know in order to begin your school year. Look for an e-mail on the first day of schoolwhere you can sign waivers to participate in PTA events, select to volunteer and make secure online donations to support the PTA, PIE and the Ohlone community.

Thank you!

Ohlone PTA


Kindergarten Schedule


K-5 Schedule

All students must be picked up immediately at their respective dismissal times. Students need to be picked up within 10 minutes of the end of the school day. The school does not provide supervision after school.


Information for the 2021-22 School Year

Designated Entrances/Exits

Students will be allowed on campus at 8:05am. School begins at 8:15am. Students are required to enter/exit through the designated gates below each day.

  1. K-1 Entrance: Right of Friendship of Yard; Front of school
  2. 2-3 Entrance: Front of school; Near MP Room
  3. 4-5 Entrance: Staff Parking Lot
  4. Students dropped off/picked up by car will enter/exit by the flagpole.
  5. Siblings should enter/exit through the younger sib's gate.

Parents on Campus
Currently, parents are not allowed on campus. Rest assured, our kinders walked onto campus without parents and they were champs! Our K/1 teachers will meet our little ones in the morning and walk them to their gate in the afternoon for pick-up. Our office staff will also be out each morning to greet students to support any transition difficulties.

Getting to Ohlone
For our planet, the best way to get to Ohlone is by walking or rolling to school. Consider traveling to and from school in ways that will support greater student safety by reducing the number of cars at Ohlone. Since we have families who travel far and wide to attend our beautiful school, it is important to follow these important traffic rules:

  • Drivers must stay in vehicles at all times. Your child should be pre-hugged and have their belongings ready for a quick and independent exit. If they need help, they are not yet ready for drop-off. You may park in the neighborhood and walk your little one to their gate.
  • Children only exit from the passenger side (curbside). No exceptions. Cars pass along the driver's side making this a highly unsafe place for students to exit cars.
  • Drop-off is Rooster curbside only. You'll see him.
  • Only right-hand turns are permitted when exiting the drop-off zone. Making a left-hand turn puts our students at risk.
  • Never make a U-turn on Amarillo or Colorado.
  • Do not block neighbors' driveways. Not even for a minute. They will call me ;).
  • Most importantly, stay off cell phones during drop-off. Our kids need your attention.

Walk Your Wheels
Thank you for rolling to school! When on campus, please remind your children to walk their wheels to ensure safety for all. Backpacks should be rolled instead of ridden!

Please report all absences and tardies to the Ohlone office. Parents must call the office (650) 856-1726 OR email no later than 8:45am on the day of the absence. Email and voicemail are available 24/7, and the earlier the better. Please include your child's name, room number, reason for the absence/tardy, and lunch order if needed. Students who arrive after 8:15am must check-in at the office (and order lunch if necessary) before going to class.

Late arrivals affect your child and the entire class. This year, one of our school goals is to improve our absenteeism and tardiness rates. You may receive a call or a letter to discuss your child's absences or tardies if excessive. Please model responsible school citizenship and life skills by working collaboratively with your child to ensure on-time arrival at school.

After-school programs

Ohlone Kids' Club is offering after school care. Right at School has before and after school care. Please click on their websites to get more information. Please note: Questions about the programs should be directed to each program, not to the Ohlone office. These are separate organizations that partner with PAUSD to provide childcare for our families.

Snacks and Lunch

Please have your child pack a snack and a water bottle. Students should either bring a lunch from home or order a free lunch at school (kindergarten students are dismissed at noon for the first 8 weeks of school and should pack a hearty snack). Lunch is available for pick-up if desired. See details about this year's lunch service on the PAUSD Food Services page. There are nut-free lunch tables available for students with allergies.


Over-the-counter and prescription medications cannot be brought to school until forms signed by a parent and the child's pediatrician are on file with the office. Forms are accessible through the district website. Please make sure that medical conditions and allergies have been updated on Infinite Campus.

What to wear

School clothing should be comfortable and appropriate for playing outside and artwork. The right shoes for P.E. and Farm are essential. No flip flops! Please label sweaters, jackets, lunchboxes, backpacks, water bottles, etc. Lost-and-Found items are donated to charity a few times a year. Labeled items can be returned.



What to Expect
Frequently Asked Questions
Responding to COVID-19


Ohlone Needs You!

The Ohlone Culture of Volunteering
Volunteering and parent involvement is at the heart of what we do at Ohlone. It has been a hard stint without you on campus! I am hopeful that things will allow for you to return to our classrooms soon. In the meantime, we still need every family to pitch in to make Ohlone go 'round.

Ohlone parent volunteers are the backbone of our school. Our school would not be the wonderful place it is without your help. We ask each and every family at Ohlone to volunteer in some way. Many parents work full-time and can contribute during evening and weekend hours. This is great! Some families can volunteer during the school day and be available for meetings and events. Also great! We need all kinds of help -- days, weekends, evenings, online. There is truly something for everyone at Ohlone and we gratefully ask that you find something that works best for you.

Below are a list of our parent leadership groups and opportunities to get involved:


The Ohlone PTA is looking for a few good volunteers to help us get the year off to a good start. Most urgently, we are in need of a Treasurer (no financial background necessary) and a Room Parent Coordinator. There are additional opportunities that you will hear about in the BTS packet from the PTA.

PiE (Partners in Education)

Do you value our school's amazing art and music programs, Coach Bryant, and the teachers' aides in your child's classroom? Did you know these positions are funded by PARENTS through PiE? Then consider volunteering for PiE; we need Ohlone parents who can help spread the word about what we parents fund for ALL of our students. Being a PiE rep is not a large time commitment and requires minimal time on campus. If you are interested in PiE positions, email: Angie Sanaee at


We love our farm. Many of us were ecstatic to learn about the farm when we first learned about Ohlone. Well, we need you. Our farm needs you. Iris, Elke, S'mores, King, and the chickens need you. The bees need you.

Our farm is both funded and maintained by the generosity of our school community. Volunteers take care of our animals, the farm, and run our farmers' market. Please make time this year to support our farm through work days and other job opportunities. Spend time on the farm. It's totally Zen. Your chakra will thank you. And so will we. Currently, it is one of the few places we are allowed to have parent volunteers.

Farm Workday Coordinators (2-4 people per Farm Work Day, so need a team of 7-10 for the year): Attend and help coordinate 2 -3 of our yearly 7 Farm Work Days (FWD). Meet with our Farm Manager, Marieluise, prior to FWD to understand projects and needs (usually 1.5 hours, scheduled in the late afternoon/evening the week before FWD). Communicate with classroom Farm Liaisons and Farm Council via email during the 2-3 weeks preceding the FWD. You don't have to be "handy" or have any farming background. You just need a willingness to learn, be available from 8:30 am - 1 pm on 2-3 Saturdays or Sundays during the school year, and be detail oriented as meticulous clean up after FWD is critical: our goats find and eat anything that is left out after FWD is over (cups, paper, etc). We provide training by having new coordinators "shadow" current coordinators so they can "learn the ropes" (Great for parents who work outside the home as the job takes place on weekends.)

Core Values Committee (CVC)

The Ohlone Core Values Committee (CVC) is a group of parents, teachers, and staff who gather to discuss the Ohlone Goals and Core Values. As a community, we discuss how our core values are integrated in the classroom and how families can support them at home. We have monthly meetings on a variety of topics, including Cluster Nights where parents and teachers discuss developmental stages, challenges, and celebrations. We also organize a Parents Night Out as well as a Kinder Buddy Night in the spring. We encourage all families to attend our CVC meetings to gain a better understanding of our educational philosophy and Ohlone Core Values. Contact Rani at for more information.

Site Council

Looking for a great way to be involved in the future of Ohlone? Site Council meets once a month, typically on a Monday afternoon. The council is made up of parents, teachers, staff and me. We're responsible for the school climate parent survey as well as reviewing the school's student achievement plan and the safety plan. Topics of discussion range from traffic and playground safety to furthering our students' academic and social-emotional development. This year, one of our goals is on student connectivity as we transition back from this atypical year.

See our website for more info:
Information about upcoming events, policies, and procedures can be located on our school website.

Staff At-a-Glance

Instructional Aide Staff List coming!

Room 15 - Ying Ren (MI)
Room 16 - Judy Kislitsyn (MI)
Room 17 - Piper Joseph
Room 1 - Nancy Shorum
Room 2 - Roni Kraft
Room 3 - Nikki Alcantara
Room 4 - Joanna Kovacs

Room 6 - Claire Albert (MI)
Room 7 - Lu Sun (MI)
Room 10 - Monica Lynch
Room 11 - Ashley McCrea & Alex White
Room 12 - Isabelle Polito
Room 13 - Vidya Karra
Room 14 - Michelle Haughney

Room 20 - Limin Chen (MI)
Room 21 - Cathy Harkness-Lemat & Avery Olesen
Room 22 - Yineng Lu (MI)
Room 26 - Lisa Carrell
Room 27 - Eloise Rippey
Room 28 - Sharon Choi
Room 30 - Janice Stone

K-5 Education Specialists
Room 19 - Hanna Miller
Room 23 - Kathleen Flynn

Psychologist - Elaine Lay
Speech-Language Pathologist - Cynthia Ehrhorn
Occupational Therapist - Erin Finley
Reading Specialists - Nikki Moore & Allyson Zeman
English Language Specialist - Sarah Jados
CASSY Counselor - Brittney Tabel
IT - Christine Venegas

P.E. Teacher - Bobby Rankin
Teacher Librarian -Grace Bunya
SEL Coach - Bryant Hicks
Farm Manager - Marieluise Fries
Farm Science Instructional Assistant - Carly Deitsch
Spectra Art Teacher - Teresa Kwon
K-4 Music Teacher - Kerri Eikenberg
4th Grade Music Teachers - Robin Smith & Corrine Leary
5th Grade Music Teachers - Keith Hunter, Gary Ortega, Allison Zenner,
Shawn McGinn & Valerie Lee

Office Staff
Secretaries - Jane Dick & Heike Enders
Clerk - Xiomara Rodriguez
Head Custodian - Gil Cordero
Custodians - Chau Pham & Junior Bayquen
Assistant Principal - Elsa Chen
Principal - Dawn Yoshinaga